the Tour Company

• The Tour Company is based in the UK and is a leading entertainment and media industry travel agency.

• The Tour Company specialises in the booking of hotels and flights etc. for live touring productions such as bands, musical artists, actors, comedians, along with supporting technical crew.

• The Tour Company works with artist, tour, and production managers, as well as with concert industry suppliers, agents, promoters, merchandisers, record labels, publishing companies, conferences, venues, festivals, and innumerable corporate clients.

• The Tour Company team have vast experience of how the hotel & air travel business operates along with an in depth understanding of our clients needs in the touring + event industry.


We are pleased to announce that the Tour Company has entered into a joint venture with leading independent travel agency Media Travel. With immediate effect, the Tour Company will assume full responsibility for all client servicing. Media Travel CEO Fran Green will continue to be involved in the business and will take on the role of business development. Fran said “we had previously established a partnership with the Tour Company for a wider share of deals with our suppliers, so this next step to incorporate our clients is a natural progression”. Tina Waters, managing director of the Tour Company added “We are very excited about this new venture and look forward to welcoming Media Travel’s clients to the fold”.



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